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40 years of the Nene Valley Railway

 It all started in 1977... On 1st June 2017 the Nene Valley Railway celebrates 40 years since it's opening.

A single day certainly wasnt going to be enough to celebrate four decades of railway preservation,  so members of the railway have put together a remarkable year-long program of events to offer everybody the chance to celebrate with them.

The first special event to be confirmed will be held on the 25th 26th February. This marks the withdrawal from service of the amazing Bulleid designed Express passenger Locomotives two of these massive Locomotives will be coming together for the first time:  

The first ...  92 Squadron is fresh from an extended rebuild at the railway only gaining its certificate to run in January this year. 

92 as it is fondly known will be teamed with Sir Keith Park visiting the NVR for the first time ever.  

The good news for spectators,  is that fares for this extraordinary happening will be no different from any standard steaming weekend...  Adults £16 Seniors (over 60)  £13 and Children (3 to 16) £8

The second event to be fully confirmed will be held from the 2nd to the 4th June. Steam Locomotive Royal Scot will be joined by one of the Legendary Twin engine Deltic diesels: Royal Scots Grey running in disguise as lost Loco Ballymoss.  

Details are still being finalised, but already planned and taking bookings are Evening Fish and chip trains at £25 per person and opportunities for the public to buy driver experiences on either of the Locomotives.

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