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A Night of Memories for 1st Glinton Rainbows

On Saturday 13th April fourteen intrepid Rainbow adventurers arrived at Glinton Village Hall, extremely excited and full of anticipation for this year's sleepover.

With bags and sleeping equipment safely stowed and parents hugged and kissed and waved goodbye to, the sleepover challenge was soon in full swing.

Inspired by the film The Greatest Showman and with their leaders finally succumbing to the continual requests to watch it at a movie night, 1st Glinton Rainbows were undertaking The Greatest Showgirl challenge badge.

Over the course of the next few hours the Rainbows made their own elephant name tag and produced glittery and colourful dream catchers. Each girl created their own show-stopper dessert; although each was unique, chocolate, marshmallows and strawberries featured in many of them. The final activity of friendship bracelet making was enjoyed by everyone, even when they had to run after escaping beads.

A quick stop for dinner (always a favourite part of the event) before it was time for PJs, hot chocolate and the movie. The girls sang every song with gusto (well, girl guides do like a good sing song) and laughed and sighed in all the right places. Eventually, the fun part of Saturday was over and it was time for bed. All the girls settled down to sleep quickly although some found it difficult to drop off. They hadnt anticipated quite how noisy a room full of seventeen sleeping bags, airbeds and sleep mats with bodies tossing and turning to get comfortable can be. One by one though we all drifted off and a good night was had by all.

Sunday morning soon came round; much sooner for some than others so 6am craft activities were quickly underway. Then came the madness of the 7.30am wake up followed by fourteen Rainbows all trying to get dressed, roll up beds, find lost socks and make sure precious cuddly toys were packed. All this had to be achieved by breakfast! The Rainbows were fabulous; they were polite and helpful to each other and soon the task was done. All that remained was to eat pancakes for breakfast and have another sing-song before the presentation of goody bags and arrival of parents to take them home.

As we, the leaders, waved goodbye to the smiling faces of the parents and the Rainbows, we found ourselves discussing potential plans for next year - which is a good job really because it seems a number of the Rainbows have already told their parents that they are planning to attend.

Sally Nash, Unit Leader 1st Glinton Rainbows

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