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Accident Waiting to Happen

In the latest issue of the Tribune, Lesley Loveday highlighted the increased levels of traffic using Maxey Road in Helpston now that the Lolham crossing has introduced a one-way system. Villagers are becoming increasingly concerned, not just about the increased volume but also the speeds that some of these motorists are travelling as they use the Maxey Road 'alternative' to travel north.

Mike Higginbotham, a relative newcomer to the village and Maxey Road resident contacted the Tribune earlier today about his growing concerns. The situation on Maxey Road is getting ridiculous and there is now a secondary issue which I have just winessed first-hand. Mike told Tribune Editor, Tony Henthorn.

The one-way system at Lolham is pushing lots more traffic through Helpston and creating problems on Maxey Road, and now we have motorists trying to cut through Church Lane (past the Exter Arms), to beat the queues on Maxey Road. I have seen drivers exceeding speeds of over 40mph on both Maxey Road and (incredibly) on Church Lane. This is happening on a regular basis and I had a very close call with one driver narrowly missing myself and my young son.

With winter fast approaching and the road conditions worsening, it really is just a matter of time before the unthinkable happens, Mike continued.

The Tribune implores our Parish and City Coucillors to look into this problem as a matter of urgency. The introduction of the one way system at Lolham has no-doubt helped solve one accident waiting to happen but the reality is that the volume of vehicles now using Maxey Road as a rat run and the speeds at which some of these vehicles are travelling will result in another. This is not about local residents being inconvenieced by the additional traffic, this is about children, families, the elderly and infirm, people out walking (with dogs or otherwise) having their lives put in danger as motorists ignore speed limits in their rush to get home.

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Alex Driver

As the Parish Council Speedwatch co-ordinator who happens to live on Church Lane I'm very aware of this situation. This is a very well timed post. The Community Speedwatch system has been updated by the Police and I'm keen to arrange training for the existing and any new Speedwatch volunteers. The training will be held in the village, probably on a saturday morning and will take about an hour. Once trained three volunteers can run a session at their convenience. We share the radar kit with Bainton and Ashton, Barnack, Ufford and Wothorpe so every four weeks it's Helpston's turn. If anyone is interested in becoming a volunteer or finding out more please email me at

Steve Zealand

Steve Zealand‎ to Village Tribune on Facebook Saturday 7th November Well it finally happened . Head on crash at the approach to Lolham crossing at 5pm tonight . Thankfully no injuries just two written off cars. Personally i think its time for a u turn. Lets go back to a two way system . I have never seen a crash there before in fifty years.

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