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And the winners are…

Earlier this year the HelCats hosted Helpston’s second annual award ceremony and announced 2018’s Young Person of the Year…

18-year-old Sophie Stedman was announced the winner of the title and he £100 cash prize!

After much adversity in Sophie’s early teens she has rebuilt her life and become a lovely young woman. She has kept up with her school work and achieved excellent grades and has been offered university places.

Not only has Sophie overcome some difficult hurdles at such a young age, but she is a role model and support to local children. Sophie is an assistant Cub Leader and volunteers every week. At school Sophie was the Library Prefect, helping to pass on her own love of books to other young people. Sophie has taught herself guitar and piano, and now teaches other young people at her drama group. She also supports other very vulnerable young people at home with her foster family, and is a role model to them.

From such a difficult start in life, Sophie has become a balanced, kind young person, who contributes to her community and to local young people. Well done Sophie!

Fellow nominees James Morton and Jessie Spooner were highly commended at the awards ceremony.
Jessie has had a tremendous year, achieving amazing results in her GCSE’s while training six days a week as a competitive swimmer, resulting in nine Midlands Region qualifying times!

James, nominated for a second year in a row, has once again gone out his way to help the community. Earlier in 2018 James was out at crazy time’s in the mornings and evenings clearing snow off of the roads and pulling vehicles out of snow. This is just one example of his community spirit.

This year the HelCats felt it was also important to recognise and reward the older unsung heroes, who are positive role models and who give to others. With his in mind they opened the competition up to anybody 25-years-old or above with the ‘Young at Heart’ award, for an adult who goes above and beyond and makes a massive contribution to village life.

Morag Sweeney was announced the winner of the ‘Young at Heart Award’, receiving a glass award and a photography session donated by Willow Photography.

Morag is involved in many groups within the village either as part of the group or by supporting events and fundraising run by these organisations.

Morag has been involved in Guiding in the village and beyond for almost 40 years.  Her roles involve lots of time and effort which she willingly gives.

Morag has also been involved with our local Friends of Chernobyl Children group since it was set up 15 years ago.  As well as hosting three children over the last 13 years Morag has been an active member of the committee, organised their yearly residential event and helped on their play scheme. For the last two years she has organised the purchase of winter boots and vitamins for both of our visiting groups.  At her own expense she has visited the children in their homes in Belarus three times.

Tina Humphrey was highly commended for her work with Speed Watch. There has been a measurable improvement in the way the roads through the village are used, since the Speed Watch group began.

Mary Purdon was also highly commended for being a community spirited person working hard to ensure that Helpston is a great place to live.

It was a difficult one to judge again this year with everybody having contributed so much to the community. Well done to you all.

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