By Max Sawyer


Annual Winter Supper

 On Monday evening (6 March) 68 members and guests of the Barnack & District Branch of the Royal British Legion met in Barnack Village Hall for the annual Winter Supper.

The guests included: Warrant Officer Tony Hobson, the Station Warrant Officer from RAF Wittering, cadet Petty Officer Natasha Hinch, cadet Corporal Marcus Baker and CCF staff member Lt-Col Don Pease-Macauley, from the Stamford Endowed Schools CCF. 

The guest speaker was Wing Commander Elizabeth Nicholl who, after a distinguished career in Armed Forces media operations, has recently been appointed as the PA to Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier, the Chief of the Air Staff. 

The evening opened with a welcome, the Royal British Legion Exhortation and a one minute silence in memory not only of those who have lost their lives in the service of their country but also, closer to home, absent friends - the four Branch members who have died over the previous year - Agnes Dick (widow of Archie), Major Bill Campbell (former Branch Treasurer), Judith Morrice (former Branch Poppy appeal organiser) and, most recently, Iris Harris. Grace was then said by Branch Chaplain, the Rev. Dave Maylor. 

At the conclusion of the meal, the Loyal Toast was proposed by Mr Geoff Dunkley. Branch Chairman, Mr Charles Clark, then introduced Wing Commander Nicholl, who gave a splendid talk on media operations in conflict zones, illustrated by her own experiences under fire in the front-line, from which it became apparent that accounts in the media of high profile events tell only a very small and highly selective part of the story. She concluded by proposing a toast to the Royal Air Force. After questions, the vote of thanks was proposed by Mr Columb Hanna. 

Catering for the evening was, as usual, by Lucys Kitchen and the menu cards were very kindly donated by Stamford School. Sadly, this was Lucys Kitchens last event, as they are closing down. In recognition of their sterling work catering for Branch events over a number of years, Mrs Elizabeth Young proposed a vote of thanks, which was enthusiastically supported.

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