By John McGowan


Arborfield Paper Mill Prints and Open Studios

Keen readers of the Tribune might have spotted a letter from me, some time ago, asking people to contact me about an Arborfield Mill book project.    

That is now complete. I have made a suite of 12, small screenprints based on photographs of the Mill taken in the late 1980s and one very large print – that emerged from the printing process without a by-your-leave!  The book contains a brief history of the mill, personal contributions from two of the Mill engineers, who worked there from the 1960s until the its demise and some photographs from a Helpston lady, who grew up in the Mill cottages and stayed on to work at BPS as well as images of my photographs and prints.

The book only made in an edition of 6 and all of those are now gone.  Two of the prints should be displayed in the Helpston Bluebell shortly and a few of the prints will be on show in Annakin Gallery’s window (Helpston).  Later in the year they will be shown in a London location and then in my Retrospective Exhibition at the Yarrow Gallery in Oundle, in November.

Open Studios returns later on this year, with over 70 artists and crafters. The three weekends are:

24th/25th June, 1st/2nd July and 8th/9th July

The brochure, giving details about all the artists, will be published at the end of April and will be available in central Peterborough Arts locations and throughout the Tribland area.  There is a helpful map at its centre, which is good for planning an afternoon’s art and craft visit.

Contact me via email if you have been unable to find one. The PAOS website has more information and links to artists’ websites.

My studio will open on 1st/2nd July, with a full display of recent and vintage work. I have a new mini-press, to demonstrate relief and intaglio printing.

Come and have a play at making a small print. You never know, next year you might be inviting people to see your artwork!


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