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Barnack news November/December

November/December Barnack news.


11 November was the day on which the war to end all wars finished in 1918.   It’s a bit depressing to think that a mere 21 years later the world was engulfed by an even greater cataclysmic war, whose end in 1945 seems to have given rise to a war every Monday and Thursday somewhere in the world.  The 11th day and the 11th hour was marked in Barnack by a service in St. John the Baptist followed by a memorial service at the war memorial itself where every man killed in all the various conflicts of the 20 century were solemnly remembered had their names read out.   The whole was a most moving experience, pondering on the sadness of the occasion.   

As an adjunct to this, Brian Palmer has produced an excellent book entitled “The Men Who Went to War” from the Parishes of Barnack and Pilsgate, Southorpe, Bainton, and Ufford.    The book details the lives and deaths of so many parishioners during the Great War, it is beautifully illustrated with many original photographs of the men and the places in which they fought, and with maps of both the Western Front and the Dardanelles.   The book is available from Brian (01780  740988) or from Walkers in Stamford at a cost of £5, all proceeds going to charity.

This year the Barnack Branch of the Royal British Legion voted to name the annual Winter Lecture, The Charles Clark Memorial Lecture, to honour a much-respected legionnaire, as well as a man very active in the life of the Village.   The inaugural lecture was held in the Village Hall on 20 November 20.   The lecture was ably given by Brian Palmer, on the subject of the New Zealand wars.  This is an area of our history that many of us know little about but it was vividly brought to life by Brian’s talk and was much appreciated by the large audience. 


As I get older I become less certain as to whether we are approaching the season in which to be jolly or the season of “bah humbug” but the less we consider that the better!!  Christmas is certainly coming to Barnack and will be marked by the generous donation to the Village by the Burghley House Preservation Trust of a Christmas tree.   The Parish Council will announce details of decorating it and switching on the lights in the near future.   Christmas is also a time of course to celebrate the coming into this world by our God.   This event will be celebrated throughout the Christmas period by several Church services throughout the Benefice, and in Particular, at St. John Baptist, Barnack, starting with a candlelit Carol Service at 18.30 on Friday 22 December.  There will be a Crib Service at 1600 on Sunday  24 December 24, followed by a midnight Communion Service at 23.30.   For Christmas Day there will be an All Age Service at 10.30.  

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