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Cars collide at Lolham Crossing

  • 09 November 2015
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Everyone has been saying it - and now it's happened; a motorist ignoring the new one-way system at Lolham has collided with an oncoming vehicle. The incident happend at around 17.00hrs on Saturday (7th November)

Last month Peterborough City Council changed the traffic flow on King Street in Lolham from two-way to a one-way street after Network Rail provided evidence that the two-way system was causing traffic to back up onto nearby Lolham level crossing due to a narrow passing point close to the tracks. Readers of the Tribune (and assiciated Facebook page) have been pointing out to officials for the past number of weeks that drivers are flouting the no entry signs. Despite CCTV cameras being installed, vehicles are constantly being seen ignoring the new traffic regulations.

There have been constant calls from locals for better signage and Cllr David Over has called for a re-think on the scheme. Helpston residents have also voiced concerns that those motorists who are actually following the rules (and not flouting the one-way system) are increasing traffic through the village as they find an alternative northbound route but that the speed of some of these motorists running the rat run are way over the local limits.

There are calls from the community to see the offending motorists prosectuted, but there also appears to be some confussion as to which police jurastication the Lolham Crossing comes under - Cambridgeshire or Lincolnshire. Local resident Helen Wheatley told the Tribune; The problem with the signs is that they look temporary, and like with wet paint signs we all know they often get left long after they are needed or were not quite sure at what point the road closure takes effect, so just drive down a bit to check......

It needs proper no entry signs, not road closure signs. Also feel that we need something that actually stops people going through, like one of those offset width restrictors and someone needs to take charge of updating Google maps, TomTom etc.

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