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Charity cake sale success for local best friends

Last week, Chloe and her friend Erin raised £476 for Cancer Research UK, after organising two cake sales. 

Chloe and Erin, helped by Chloe's sister Hollie and Erin's sister Nina, grabbed their aprons and set out to make some cakes and cookies to sell for the charity.

They created posters and put them through doors and have since made thank you cards for those who donated.

Chloe's mum, Becky Baker said: "They did it all off their own backs. We had nothing to do with it. They came to us and said we want to make some money for Cancer Research UK.

"The target at first was £100 and now they have made almost £500. It has really taken off."

After being diagnosed with a rare spinal cancer last year, Chloe wanted to raise funds for the cancer charity.

The cake sales were well received by the local community and the money raised exceeded their expectations, especially after starting their GoFundMe page. 

Becky said: "The girls didnt think they would get more than £5, they can't believe it!

"It's really brought Chloe's confidence out. She's so happy, she keeps asking to go on the GoFundMe page to see how much has been raised.

"I'm just incredibly proud of them. I think it's been really nice that they are excited knowing that the money isn't for them, which is quite a grown-up thing."

Chloe is keen to do more fundraising and thinking about doing something nearer Christmas.

Becky said: "She goes to Addenbrooke's Hospital quite a lot, so we would like to do something to be able to take with us. It would be nice to raise some money for them, perhaps do a Christmassy thing."

You can support Chloe and Erin with their fundraising via their GoFundMe page


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