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City law firm saddles up to support charity cycle ride this summer

WITH a hint that Spring is on the way, why not take inspiration from Buckles Solicitors LLP and get on your bike to support a major family-friendly fundraising event.

The law firm is again saddling up for one of the area’s biggest sporting charity events later this year - the 2017 NSPCC cycle ride.

Buckles has supported the event for a number of years, which last year raised an impressive £12,000 for the NSPCC in the Peterborough area.

Staff from across the firm are lending their own support by signing up for the family event at Rutland Water on Sunday, June 18.

And with the Peterborough office having its own gym, staff can begin their training in the workplace during lunch break or before/after office hours. 

The event is organised by the Peterborough Business Support Group for the charity, and in 2016 attracted around 125 participants who pedalled a full circuit to raise vital funds to help vulnerable children locally.

Buckles managing partner Colleen Gostick said: “We are delighted to be supporting and sponsoring this very popular event once again, while raising money for a very worthy cause. 

“As a leading local business, it is important that we join others in trying to make a difference to the lives of some of our most vulnerable young people in and around Peterborough.”

NSPCC Peterborough Business Support Group chairman Chris Collier said: “Our huge thanks to Buckles for their sponsorship of what has become a highly-anticipated and very successful event in our fundraising calendar.”

The group celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016, and over the past two decades has raised almost £800,000 through a number of high profile and well-supported events locally. 

The money raised is ploughed back into NSPCC services supporting children and vulnerable young people in and around Peterborough.

About the NSPCC sponsored cycle ride:

  • The ride starts at 9am at Rutland Water on Sunday June 18 and follows the 17-mile perimeter of the famous reservoir.
  • There will be a free hog roast for all entrants,
  • A complimentary goodie bag and T-shirt will be provided for all riders.
  • Entry is £10 adults/ £5 children and £25 for a family.
  • For more information or to sign up visit or contact John Burcham on 07880 600635.

Did you know: (approved figures from February 2016)

  • During 2014/15 Childline estimates that around 10,000 calls were made to the charity’s counsellors from PE postcodes.
  • The NSPCC estimates that more than half a million vulnerable children suffer abuse or neglect in the UK each year.
  • On average, every week in the UK, at least one child is killed at the hands of another person.
  • One in four children in the UK have been physically abused.
  • Around 50,000 offenders in the UK have downloaded and shared child abuse images.
  • Around one in five children in the UK have been exposed to domestic violence.
  • In the average primary school class in the UK, at least two children have suffered abuse or neglect,
  • Over 40 per cent of looked after children in the UK are aged under 10.

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