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  • 06 July 2016
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Congratulations to Ben Tucker and Sophie Whincop who married at Etton Church on Friday 3rd June.  The bride arrived in a fabulous vintage VW campervan.  Sophie and her bridesmaids looked wonderful and the rain held off allowing photographs to be taken in the field whilst guests strolled to the Golden Pheasant for the reception. 

On Saturday 4th June 80 villagers gathered in the church to commemorate Etton’s war dead.  The tragic story of the death 100 years ago, of 19-year-old John George Ellis, in WW1 was told through a dramatization of the letters he sent from the frontline.  With thanks to Jamie Morton who played George and Helen Morton, Alex Long, Edward Curwen, Michael Trotter and Mark Hotchkin who acted as the other characters.   

There was a display in the church of all our War dead and the survivors who had served in the Wars.  This was made possible due to the extensive research done by Jane King, a part time researcher with the Imperial War museum.  She produced a comprehensive booklet of information about our war dead, which is available in print or online for £2 from me.  We are indebted to her for all the work she contributed to this project. 


After the church service we proceeded to the village green and unveiled the new memorial and refurbished sign.  Those honoured are Rose Bains, Joan Otley and Mary Simpson, Ted Ellis and Etton’s War dead; William Alfred Burns, John George Ellis, and Robert Smith who gave their lives during WW1 and Frank Kingerley and James Stacey who sadly gave their lives in WW2.

Maurice Wright, our oldest resident, did the unveiling and also explained that as a founding member of Etton Parish Council he had helped design the Etton village sign. It depicts the Manor house, this house was chosen as anyone can live in it. The corn represents our agricultural heritage, and a mouse was included because they live everywhere in Etton!  The original sign had a blackbird in the picture but this was later moved to the white shield below, as it is part of our coat of arms.  


The event continued with vintage afternoon tea in the Rectory Gardens to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday.  With thanks to Maggie Warren who made a fantastic birthday cake for the Queen (June Cancea did the honours for us), congratulations to Michael Trotter who won the prize for the best dressed and to Mark and Janet Hotchkin and Michael and Angela Trotter who won the Queen themed quiz after a tie-breaker, and thanks to all those who provided sandwiches, scones and cakes.


The next ‘Etton’ event is a Barn dance, featuring ‘A wagon load of monkeys’ on Saturday 2nd July, tickets are available from Graham Smitheringale 07759 361968 (proceeds to Sue Ryder, I think)



Anne Curwen 07730301404

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