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Glinton's first Great War casualty Francis Faithful commemorated

3rd July 2015 marks the centenary of the death of Francis Faithful, the first Glinton casualty in the Great War.  Second Lieutenant Francis William Alexander was born in 1896 at the Old Rectory, Rectory Lane, Glinton.  

He volunteered for active service at the outbreak of War and was gazetted to the Yorkshire Regiment on 22 December 1914. Francis transferred to the Seaforth Highlanders 13 February 1915, proceeded to France 1 June 1915, joined the 2nd Seaforths and was appointed Machine Gun Officer. One month later, on 3rd July, he was sniped in the head while returning to a working party in a communication trench at Zwaanhof Farm, Belgium and he died instantly.

To commemorate his death Councillor Peter Skinner will take a lesson with the Year 6 pupils from the Primary School in Glinton. They will discuss the meaning of remembrance particularly in relation to the 1st World War, the Glinton War Memorial and about Francis Faithful whose name is inscribed on it.  

To commemorate the centenary of his death on 3rd July 2015, Year 6 pupils will remember his sacrifice by firing a signal rocket in his memory on the Glinton playing field at 12.00 noon.  One pupil from the class will be chosen to fire the rocket using remote electronic ignition.

On the following day, 4th July 2015, Glinton’s war memorial with new cover steps will be rededicated at 11:00am by Rev Hilary Geisow. The  20 minute ceremony will take place outside St Benedict’s church with a contingent of the 115 (Peterborough) Sqn Air Training Corps providing a guard of honour and Wg Cdr Kevin Mackie RAF retd of the RAF Wyton Voluntary Band in full dress uniform playing the last post and reveille. Thanks to generous donations made to the war memorial appeal by Glinton residents, many people from much further afield and local businesses we will be able to present cheques to Help for Heroes and the Royal British Legion. 

To conclude the event a fly past of vintage planes possibly including two Auster’s and a Tiger Moth, depending on weather, has been organised by Charles Clark from Barnack RBL.


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