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Full A1 closure planned

Drivers are being advised that the A1 in North Yorkshire will be closed for 34 hours later this month to demolish Fort Bridge as part of the A1 Leeming to Barton major road scheme.

The A1 will be closed from 8pm on Saturday November 14 until 6am Monday 16 November in both directions between junction 51 (Leeming Bar) and Scotch Corner.

The £380 million Highways England project, which began last year, will replace the existing dual carriageway with a new three lane motorway. The bridge needs to be demolished to allow space for an extra lane to be added to the road network before being rebuilt at a later date.

In the meantime drivers will be able to use a new Catterick central junction which will open prior to the demolition – marking a major phase in the construction of the scheme.


The new junction will be located north of the existing junction at Catterick and will provide drivers with access to the A1 and the local access road.

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