By Pam Kounougakis


Glinton Friendship Club update

September is already on our doorstep and it feels as if Summer has hardly got going. But that’s always the way here in good old England. The GFC have enjoyed several weeks without having the heating on in the village hall so it must have been warm at times!

The end of another busy year with many changes, welcomes, get-well-soons, farewells and congratulations during it. Being an ex-teacher the year begins in September, and the club has had its two week break at the end of August.
During the last few weeks it’s has been like a hurricane with lots of wonderful visitors and events. We had two energy-filled sessions with a group of young people from the National Citizenship Scheme who entertained, joined in activities and prepared and delivered several excellent quizzes, while dressed in glorious forties clothes including hairstyles and make-up (see photo). An inspirational talk was given by Rosie and John Sandall about their visits to the Ukraine to help Chernobyl victims and their families. And a fiendish quiz on facts about the USA with us dressing in Stars and Stripes saw us celebrate Amarican Independence Day in style.
We also loved revisiting the opening on DVD of our kitchen and a rerun of the notorious GFC Panto, ‘Snow-white and the Seven OAPs’. Goodness, how young and fit and slim we all looked then!
Many of us bought products and valued hand massages from Neals Yard, also buying presents for ourselves and relatives from Sue Duncliffes card and gift stall. And Jeremy will be tempting us with the latest ladies fashions just before we close.
One unmissable event coming up on 3rd of October will be our Grand Jumble Sale held in the Village Hall from 2 till 4. Please attend and spread the word too as club funds are seriously suffering now most grant opportunities have dried up. Also there will be marvellous bargains to be had!!! If you have things you would like to contribute contact the numbers below or bring them in to us on the day after twelve.
On our return in September we have a Beetle Drive, a Feelie bag quiz and a Secret auction, as well as a return visit from Brian Parsons testing our brain power! Our annual trip to the coast will be on 21st of September to Skegness. Get out the buckets and spades and suncream just in case!
If you want more information on membership or being a volunteer helper, please ring Barbara on 01733 253078 or Judith on 01733 252724.

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