By Tony Henthorn


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Help wanted

Would you like to help Village Tribune grow? We are looking for a distributor, distribution coordinator and someone with experience in advertising sales.

Are you a car owner and could spare a couple of hours six times a year to help deliver our Village Tribune to our villages? We are happy to pay for your time and petrol. Villages to deliver too are Helpston, Glinton, Peakirk, Maxey, Northborough, Etton, Ashton, Barnack, Southorpe, Pilsage and Ufford.

We are also looking for a distribution coordinator to deliver the Tribune to homes in Pilsgae.

Finally - do you have experience in advertising sales? We are looking for someone who could spare a few hours each week to help develop the advertising content of the Tribune. This would be a mixture of telephone work and visits to key clients - so a car would be essential. Basic salary,  bonus and expenses (telephone/ mileage) paid.

If you can help, please contact Tony Henthorn;

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