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The HelCats wanted to recognise and reward young unsung heroes who are positive role models and who give to others.

Helpston Young Person of the Year Award

One of group’s initiatives has been the Helpston Young Person of the Year Award. The winner of the award, and the £100 prize, is 17-year old Daisy Donaldson.

Phil Roberts, also a member of the HelCats, said: ‘We wanted to recognise and reward the young people of the village and thought £100 would be a lovely prize in time for Christmas.

“We had some fantastic nomination, all were worthy of winning, but unfortunately there could only be one winner.

“We’d like to say thank you to the judges for taking part and the people that out nominations forward for the award.”

The judging panel consisted of representatives from Helpston WI, Helpston Scout and Guide Association, Helpston Parish Council, St Botolph Church and Helpston Playhouse.

Last but not least the HelCats have a very important meeting with Santa this month, who they will be taking to the Helpston Playhouse Christmas party. Keep an eye in the next issue for more updates and photos.

Daisy Donaldsons Nomination

I have known Daisy since she was 7 years old. She is a young lady who works hard in all areas of her life and is currently doing her A Levels. Daisy has been a helper at Brownies for three years, she supports the leaders, she runs games for the children and provides support for new Brownies who are less confident within the group. Daisy is working towards her young leader awards and has recently been selected to go to Ghana to undertake charity work. The East Anglia Guiding Section ran a very competitive selection, her successful application is something that she should be extremely proud of. The sort of direct charity work that she may undertake is to look after children in an orphanage.

During the last two summers Daisy has volunteered with The Chernobyl Children activity scheme. This involves assisting the leaders, providing one to one support for children who are struggling, all whilst having to communicate with children who speak a different language and from a different culture. Daisy has fund-raised for the Chernobyl Children and been an excellent ambassador for the charity within the community.

At school, Daisy is a peer mentor. She supports and assists with the welfare of Year 7 children. One day each week Daisy provides a ‘surgery’ where Y7s who have worries from home or school can seek her out to discuss their difficulties. This is a very successful scheme.

Do you want to be a HelCat?

Do you want to be involved with village activities but are not affiliated to a village group or organisation?

Do you fancy making a difference by helping out for just an hour or so but don’t have the time to join a committee or make too big a commitment?

If so then the HelCats could be for you…

If you can donate an hour or two a year then please register your interest by emailing You will be sent information about village events and what help, if any, is needed.

You will not be sent spam emails, your contact details will not be shared and you can stop the emails at any time if you decide it is no longer for you.

Do you need the help of the HelCats?

If you are a community organisation within Helpston and you need a little bit of extra help either before, during or after an event or activity you can ask the HelCats for help.

Simply email your request to and the HelCats will see who can help.

Don’t forget to follow the HelCats Facebook page and join the village chat in the Facebook group by searching @HelpstonCommunity.

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