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Helpston Parish Council have submitted their objections to the ‘further draft Peterborough local plan’

This was read out as a statement to the parish council meeting yesterday evening and, having been presented first hand to the parish councillors, is now available for transmission to a wider audience.

Click here to view their letter

Dear Editor

We hope you have received our previous emails and they have been a help to you with writing your opposition letter to Peterborough City Council (PCC).

We want to let you know that if you already submitted a letter of opposition at stage one then you will need to submit another one again now we are at stage two, specifically opposing the new development plans for site HEL006H.

HEL006H may not have been the initial site you were concerned about but the future development of 60 houses on this site will affect all village residents with increased traffic, queueing at the crossings, pressure on school places and general disruption to the village, as well as the loss of Broadwheel Road as a quiet lane as it will have to be widened as stated in the site report.

This site getting the go ahead will make us an easy target for future development. If we dont show a strong opposition now this will be the first (or second) of many.

Other villages who were once small like Eye, Thorney and Glinton should be a reminder of what our future may hold if we do nothing.

Thank you once again for your interest in the new building developments and fingers crossed we can make a difference.

Best wishes

The Helpston Housing Team

The deadline for you to inform PCC that you are opposing HEL006H is this Thursday

Letters must be submitted to Peterborough City Council via:

Email: and copy in,, and

Post - you may have to hand deliver letters now to ensure they arrive on time: Sustainable Growth Strategy, Town Hall, Bridge Street, Peterborough, PE1 1HF.


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