By Peter Hiller


Highest City Tribute to Tribland’s Olympic Star

Barnack ward resident, the World renowned Olympian Louis Smith MBE, was honoured with Freedom of the City of Peterborough at a packed formal ceremony in the Town Hall in March, along with fellow Peterborians: Paralympians James Fox MBE and Lee Manning.   

All three sporting stars were bestowed with the City’s highest honour, after a unanimous vote by cross-party members at a full council meeting last year, following recommendations from the council’s Honours Panel.
Honours Panel Chairman and Tribland councillor Peter Hiller, joined with PCC Chief Executive Gillian Beasley OBE to present the evening’s awards to the three medal-winning athletes. They also conferred Alderman citations to three long-standing, now retired former City councillors, including the UK’s longest-serving: Charles Swift OBE.
Peter told the Tribune, “The Freedom of the City is the most prestigious honour that a council can bestow on an individual or group. It’s not something we award lightly, in fact, Freedom of the City is granted only on occasions to individuals who have distinguished themselves through their work or efforts, or to recognise the respect and high esteem in which they are held by the people of Peterborough. Louis, Lee and James were nominated in recognition of the major contribution they have made to our city in their individual fields.” Peter continued, “This evenings event in the grand Reception room at our Town Hall was a huge success, combining ceremonial formality with emotional family pride and genuine admiration. Louis and James gave heartfelt thanks when they addressed the audience and were quite obviously very moved by the honour their home City has placed upon them. I’m also very grateful the evening was most generously sponsored by Arcus Global.”    

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