By Peter Hiller


Lolham Crossing concerns for drivers

Network Rail (NR) have raised ‘serious concerns’ regarding the safety of Lolham Level Crossing, following installation of two temporary cameras to monitor traffic movements. 

These have evidenced an almost daily occurrence of vehicles becoming stuck on the crossing between the barriers due to the single-file approaches either side. A recent incident involved vehicles stranded after the barriers were lowered and an approaching train stopping only a few hundred metres away! NR have determined a high level of risk of a serious accident if mitigating measures are not introduced, and I’m sure anyone who uses this crossing regularly will have experienced this potentially serious problem.

After an emergency meeting to discuss improving safety here Peterborough Highways Services (PHS) and NR have determined the only viable solution is to prohibit two-way motorised traffic - ie: to make King Street (and the crossing) one-way only.

PHS is therefore proceeding with the necessary legal orders and measures to prohibit traffic (except cyclists and pedestrians) using King Street in a northerly direction between its junction with the B1443 (Helpston to Bainton road) and its junction with Maxey High Street. Traffic will be permitted to travel as usual in a southerly direction. This shall be accompanied with a reduction in the speed limit along this stretch and the restriction is planned to commence at some point in July.

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