By Pat Summers


Maxey Classic Car Show

The 14th annual Maxey Classic Car, Bike and show was once again a great success, with over 300 exhibitor vehicles bought along to be shown off by their owners. The sun shone and the beautiful of shiny vehicles all gleamed and looked their best.

 This year’s show attracted a greater variety of exhibits than ever before. Along with the usual fascinating selection of classic cars from pre-war through to modern classics, there were significantly more motorbikes , more fire engines and some lovely old tractors to add to the mix. Deeping-based Prentice Brothers also bought along a number of classic commercials for the first time at the show, all generating lots of interest.
Visitors relaxed in the sunshine, enjoying live music by the excellent Shades of Green, alongside the real ale bar, hog roast and coffee stand.  The perfect relaxing Saturday afternoon.
As ever, our team of national motoring journalists, who kindly come along and judge the entries, had a difficult task deciding the winners from such a high standard of entries. After a great deal of deliberation the following winners were announced at the show’s prizegiving ceremony:
Local enthusiast Keith Wise not only won the 1970s category with his immaculate Ford Escort Mk I RS2000, but he took the coveted Best in Show award.
1934 Austin 7 Brian Dunn,
1957 Chevrolet Belair Peter Tebbs,
1960 Rover P4 100 Philip Copperwheat,
Ford Escort Mk1 RS 2000 Keith Wise, 
1996 Fiat Barchetta Dave Sharpe,
1949 Dodge Pick-up Mick Dearing,
Tornado GT40, Robert Garford,
Bedford CA Van Philip Mills,
Land Rover Series IIA Jai  Robinson,
Norton Commando 750 Steve Kilby,
Land Rover Series IIA Carmicheal
Fire pump William Baker
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors, supporters and volunteers who make this such a great annual event. They enable the Maxey Charity Club to top up its coffers to continue making its contributions to local charities.

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