By Tracy Thomas


New WI for Tribland

It seems fitting in the Centenary year of the Women’s Institute that the organisation continues to grow as a new group has started locally. August saw the inaugural meeting of the newly formed On the Edge WI, so named because they are on the most northern edge of the region and in no way a reflection upon the membership.

“The WI is all about empowering women and building strong community ties and this is something we all feel passionate about.” Says newly elected President Lorraine Durkin.  “We also think we can have a lot of fun along the way and we’re planning to do just that.” 

People often have a pre conceived idea of the WI but it is not about blue rinses, jam making and calendars. On the Edge are a friendly, young(ish) enthusiastic group of ladies who want to make new friends, share ideas and learn new skills. 

The August meeting was certainly bustling. After the new committee members were introduced and membership details taken care of, it was time for the poetic stylings of members Pam Kounougakis and Jenny Johnson. Pam had the ladies laughing with her hilarious take on the WI which contrasted wonderfully with Jenny’s sweeter prose. 

For September, in honour of the Institute’s Centenary celebrations, On the Edge will be holding a light hearted WI related interactive quiz which will help our members get to know each other, learn a little bit about the organization and have a few giggles.

October’s meeting will be a talk about the fascinating life of local World War I heroine Edith Cavell, a British nurse who was credited with assisting over two hundred allied soldiers escape from occupied Belgium. She was also lauded for treating the injured from both sides without discrimination.

Extra-curricular events also include attending an afternoon tea and members taking the opportunity to attend a sushi making course. 

“We are a new group and happy to welcome any ladies who would like to come along and meet us.” adds Lorraine. The On the Edge WI meet in the Packhorse in Northborough from 7.00pm on the third Monday of the month. For more information contact Tracy Thomas on 07720 327145.

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