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One week left to oppose new development plans

Helpston residents only have one week to oppose the new development plans. Helpston Housing sent out a newsletter with more information.

This was an email sent out via Helpston Housing reminding subscribers that they only have one week left to oppose the new development plans. The email is below.

Letters of opposition

I am emailing to remind those of you who haven’t written to the Peterborough City Council (PCC) opposing the new development plans yet that you only have one week left to do so.

You have until February 9 to contact PCC, either by email or letter, to state your opposition.  In the attachment you will find who to write to and information summarising the current planning situation. You cannot oppose the potential building development because you dont like it or it will spoil your view.  You have to find fault in the actual development plan - details of which are attached.

As promised, we have summarised the points that were discussed at our meeting in January and all the information can be found here.

If you do nothing else - please take some time to look through the PCC’s development plan and then write or email the PCC before February 9. The more individual comments they receive the more weight they will be given. 

Comments must be submitted to Peterborough County Council by this date by either:


Post:    Sustainable Growth Strategy, Town Hall, Bridge Street, Peterborough, PE1 1HF


Can you help?

We are still looking for people who either have a skill which can help us to achieve our objective, for example people who have knowledge of planning regulations, surveyors, lawyers etc.

We also need to identify others who are prepared to be involved in an action group to take this matter forward.

If you would like to take an active role in an action group then please advise us via this email.

Claire Spooner 

I also write to inform you that Claire Spooner has stepped down from sending the emails communications out so if you used this email address to speak to her directly then she will no longer receive the emails. If you wish for me to forward a message on please let me know.


Have you seen the Helpston Community Facebook Group? Why not join. Just search Helpston Community on Facebook.

Kind regards 

The Helpston Housing Team

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