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Praise for 2016 Maxey Car Show

  • 16 August 2016
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At 1pm on Saturday August 13, the village of Maxey echoed to the sound of over 300 car, van, motorcycle and truck engines being revved to the max. It was the latest high-octane innovation at the annual Maxey Car Show, held at the village’s picturesque lakeside Quarry Lane venue.

‘We thought it would be a fun idea for show participants to make a bit of noise with their cherished vehicles, and to let locals know that the show was under-way,’ said joint organiser Pat Summers of the Maxey Charity Club.

This was the 15th Maxey Car Show, an event which has earned a reputation for being one of the most friendly, must-attend shows in the calendar. 2016 turned out to be bigger than ever, with well over 300 exhibitor vehicles packing into the venue. Said Pat Summers: ‘We’ve had more variety than ever before. There were classic cars of every description – from early pre-war through to modern exotics, motorbikes from most decades, the wonderful display of lorries owned by Prentice Bros of Deeping St James stood proudly looking over the whole field, some 4x4s and a lovely pair of vintage Massey-Fergusson tractors.

‘It was quite a line up, and as organisers we were beginning to wonder where to put everyone, but luckily the land seems to absorb all we cram in to it.’

As always, the show had a line-up of national motoring journalists judging the various categories, and they selected a wonderful array of winners. The Best in Show winner was a beautiful Lotus owned and restored by local enthusiast Allan Boyle. These rare glassfibre-bodied cars are notoriously difficult to restore, and the judges were highly impressed with the quality of workmanship.

The show organisers always make a couple of special awards to vehicles which haven’t made it into any of the other major categories, and this year these went to some real eye-catchers – the massive 1963 Cadillac Sedan De-Ville of Brian Rennie and the 4x4 Austin Allegro of Rob Day, who had fitted the body of his 1970s BL classic onto the chassis of a 4x4 Suzuki Vitara.

Photos Peter Hiller

The organisers were delighted that the regular band of local volunteers came out in force, offering their support completely free. ‘Without them the show wouldn’t happen. We would like to thank everyone who helped us run the show on the day, and set it up beforehand. We are also truly grateful to Tony and Sue Crowson who once again let us use their land,’ said Pat Summers.

The Maxey Car Show is always a day out for the whole family, with children’s rides, food and drink stalls and live entertainment. ‘This year we had two new bands who did us proud - Inferno and Clutching at Straws,’ said Pat Summers.

Maxey Charity Club runs the event to help raise funds. Over the years they have raised over £65,000, all of which has been spent on local good causes – the latest donation being made to buy a defibrillator for emergency use for Maxey residents.


Pre War             1934 Chevrolet Roadster  Stuart Norman

1940s/50s         1948 Riley RMA  M Ward

1960s               1965 Volvo S44 Sport  Rupert Elmore

1970s              Ford Escort RS2000  Stuart Simmonds

Modern Classic   Mercedes 190  Chris Hibbins

Custom Car      VW Beetle   Nathan Popple

Kit Car            Marlin Roadster  Angus Grooby

Commercial   Citroen 2CV Van Alan Pepper

4x4                1971 Land Rover Carawagon   Phillip Cook

Best Bike        Moto Guzzi 175cc Lodola 1957    Joe Sorbi

Two awards for vehicles worthy of a prize but don’t fit into the above categories.

Show winner      Austin Allegro 4x4  Rob Day

Show winner      Cadillac Sedan De Ville 1963 Brian Rennie

Best in show      Lotus Elite  Allan Boyle

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