By Max Gastro

Food Editor

Restaurant Review – Thai on the Square – The Stone Loach Inn


Anonymously and somewhat incongruously located above this charming historic stone-built pub is a modern, spacious, open-plan first floor dining area, serving Thai-style food. 

Regular readers of Max’s review will think there’s a far-eastern foodie love affair developing after my recent review of Mai Thai in Peterborough, but I assure you it’s coincidence, not by design. That said, there’s a fair few of these Thai-style eateries within easy access for Triblanders and Mrs G and I just love proper Thai cuisine, as do many of our friends. Although those of us who’ve spent time in that beautiful country shudder at some of the offerings masquerading as authentic recipes, most places in and around Peterborough do a pretty reasonable job. To be absolutely candid, Thai on the Square’s food is not equivalent to what you’re actually served in traditional Patong or Koh Samui restaurants, but it’s honest fare and imaginative enough to please most of us Brits looking for a Saturday night change from our locally anglicised creations of ‘Indian’ or ‘Chinese’ nosebag. It’s actually pretty good and I guess, in Market Deeping, a tad more convenient than the simply sensational Jin Chieng Seng in Phra-Nakhon, Bangkok? 

Dining out with friends, we’d eschewed our normal Taj Mahal visit due to our booked table being irritatingly ‘unbooked’ by the normally diligent staff. A quick walk round the corner and up a narrow staircase found an agreeable welcome by the TotS staff, Emma in particular, and a table ready and waiting. After advice we chose the set piece for four from the extensive well-priced menu and weren’t disappointed. There followed swiftly-served dishes of good food in sufficient quantity and style, a large platter of starters setting the scene for a varied, interesting and colourful meal with well cooked rice, noodles and vegetables sides. The staff are a delightful team who all seem to really enjoy what they do and make the overall experience one to be repeated and recommended – so I will. 

The Thai on the Square

The Stone Loach Inn

Market Deeping, PE6 8EA

01778 347653

Max’s 5-Star Rating

Service ****

Value *** (wine pricey)

Food ****


Atmosphere ***

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