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Save money on your energy bills via the free Project Leap scheme

Peterborough City Council and Agility Eco have started a limited time offer for Peterborough residents to potentially save money on their energy bills. The offerings vary depending on whether you go through Peterborough City Council or Agility Eco.

Peterborough City Council, through their Home Services scheme, for private homes and social homes, are offering:

•  Replacement boilers 
•  Repairs to boilers
•  Repairing heating that has broken down
•  Large scale and minor adaptations to homes
•  Addressing damp issues
•  Moving beds
•  Dripping taps
•  Carpets stretched
•  plus more…

Agility Eco, for private and social homes, are offering:

•  Assessments in people’s homes
•  Energy advice and support
•  Installation of some energy efficiency improvements
•  Draught proofing
•  Radiator panels
•  Shower savers
•  Cavity walls
•  Loft insulation
•  Checking energy tariff. Average saving of £287 per annum
•  Money advice specialist
•  Onward referrals to Peterborough City Council including free boilers.


•  Variable depending upon your requirements
•  Low income
•  Long term health issues
•  Qualifying benefits
•  Vulnerable 
•  Older people
•  People with disabilities

Please visit the Explaining Leap to Residents page on the Project Leap website to find out more about this scheme.

We can make a difference in people’s homes across Peterborough, especially those who have health issues, are on low income and are vulnerable or older.

The offer is currently running until the end of June. However, if there is a high enough demand then the scheme could be extended for four years.

If you know of anyone who would benefit from this offer then please contact Jan at the Peterborough Council for Voluntary Service,


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