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St George’s Day Concert raises over £1000 for charity

  • 04 May 2018
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Stamford Concert Singers sang a special programme to celebrate St George’s Day , to raise money for The Macmillan Cancer Support and Maxey Village Hall funds.

Sponsored by ‘Princebuild’ of Peterborough, Corporate Social Responsibility Award winners 2017, the concert included a wide range of English songs, including a selection from ‘Oliver’, songs by Ivor Novello,  Flanders and Swann and ‘Last Night of The Proms’ favourite ‘Fantasia on British Sea Songs.’

 The audience was encouraged to join in many of the songs and the concert ended with a rousing, flag-waving version of ‘Land of Hope and Glory!’ A buffet supper was provided and the raffle included lots of prizes donated for the occasion. The concert was organised by the Maxey Village Hall Committee, and Chairman Mark Asplin said, “We were delighted with the concert and thank everyone who helped to make it a success, especially the audience who were on good form with their singing!’

 The Stamford Concert Singers enjoy singing to support local fundraising and welcome enquiries on 01778-422667.

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