By Peter Hiller


St Peter’s Autumn clean

Mrs H and I joined a team of Maxey residents on Saturday to help give St Peter’s, our village church, a really good Autumn clean. 

This lovely, precious centuries old building has myriad nooks and crannies all seemingly home to a variety of spiders which needed carefully re-homing outside, with their webs. The beautiful windows, brasses, wooden pews, its venerable organ, pictures, wall hangings, furniture and floors were attended to over several hours interrupted only by tea and a sausages and rolls lunch - which was generously donated by Grasmere Farm. Wow those are great sausages!  Organisers, Maxey residents Sue Harris and Tina Lapinskis, created a specific task list for us volunteers, ranging from cleaning the church gates to polishing the organ and pulpit. I imagine the Top Man will be mightily pleased. Sue and Tina asked me to express their grateful thanks to the volunteers for working so hard and doing a brilliant job, literally! The church has been transformed inside.    

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