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Staff recognised with awards at Country Court's Tallington and Market Deeping care homes

Country Court care homes have been recognising their staff throughout a series of award ceremonies across Decemeber.

Rose Lodge care home in Market Deeping and Tallington Lodge care home in Stamford have been celebrating those who have gone above and beyond Country Court's values this year.

Alykhan Kachra, Co-CEO of Country Court said: "The Country Court board of directors are extremely proud of our staff family this year.

"In our homes across the country, we have seen examples of how our teams have gone above and beyond to keep our residents safe.

"We are very lucky to have such a supportive and devoted group of people.

"The awards are an important opportunity to celebrate the positive work going on in our homes.

"Our staff should be proud of the difference they have made to peoples lives this year."

While the awards are usually in person, this year they have been held virutally due to COVID-19 restrictions.

There were over 1000 nominations from staff, residents and their families.

The award catogories were based around Country Court's three values of local home and national family, shared experiences bring us together and celebrating life every day. 

Country Court emphasises how much families have appreciated the efforts of staff to keep their loved ones safe and the support they have given throughout the pandemic. 

The winners at Rose Lodge care home were activity coordinator Cayley Jones, wellbeing coordinator Claire Farrer and care assistant Jerwin Andallo. A speical commendation also went to home manager, Natalie White.

One family nominating Natalie said: "When my mum first came to Rose Lodge, Natalie's help and support was exceptional. Natalie made my mum's transition to the home a lot easier for all the family and went out of her way to make my mum comfortable."

At Tallington Lodge care home, the winners were senior carer Annette Cooper, activity coordinator Chantal De Vries, care assistant Emma Cook and a special commedation for kitchen assistant Maria Webb. 

Giving their reason for nominating Annette, one family member said: "For being human, honest and caring. My father went to live their in March and I have only seen him three times. I know and trust Annette to love and care for him. Her hear is with the residents, its not just a job."

To find out more about the Country Court staff awards, visit the Tallington Lodge and Rose Lodge Facebook pages. 

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